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The website www.lorenzi-fratelli-milano.com of F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. based in Corso di Porta Romana 1, 20123 Milan, Italy, displays the products sold by F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l.

The website does not require a permanent registration, but accepts purchases from customers who are requested to give their authorization to the present Selling Conditions and to all the regulations that administer the use of the Website included in the following regulations (Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Returned Goods Policy).

The website and the material contained in it constitute our offer to the public. Each order of products transmitted to F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. from a customer is a contractual proposal between the Customer and F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. Therefore it will be binding for F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. provided that this contractual proposal is confirmed for approval by F.lli Lorenzi.

F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. will send the order approval by email prior verification of the completeness and correctness of the order. This acceptance email will therefore be sent by F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. to the Customer when payment is certified through the platforms used by F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. (with the acceptance email, the client will also receive payment confirmation by email).

The relationship with the client will be concluded as soon as the Shipping Confirmation  reaches the server of the email used by the Client.

Selling conditions are regulated by the Legislative Decree of 6th September 2005, nr. 206 (hereafter called the “Code of Consumption”), as modified by the latest Legislative Decree of 21st February 2014, nr. 21, implementational of the directive 2011/83/CE and by the Legislative Decree of 9th April 2003, nr 70, implementational of the directive 2000/31/CE related to some juridical aspects of the services provided by the information company. General Conditions are available in the Italian language.


Payment Methods

The prices of the items specified on the website are valid for shipments in Italy and include VAT. F.lli Lorenzi reserves its rights to modify selling prices for shipments abroad according to rate, shipping costs and possible customs duties.

For the sales throughout Italy, F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. requires from the client a fixed contribution of 5,00 € as a partial coverage for the shipping service (special packages, delivery configuration, activation of delivery carrier).

All payments are in Euros and the delivery cost is calculated at the moment of check-out (possible customs duties, if not managed differently, are charged to the client). In case the Client has a VAT number and wishes to receive an invoice in his name, he will have to put that request in the order, and will be contacted by F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. for the completeness of the data necessary for the invoice issue. In no circumstances it will be possible to require an invoice afterwards, and however not after the transmission of the email of delivery confirmation.



The delivery times, in ordinary periods, (except for Christmas, Easter and other holidays or busy times following specific government regulations) will be carried out in 2-4 working days and in 4-6 working days for the islands. In case of deliveries abroad, delivery times depend on the purchasing country and will be confirmed at the moment of the order. These times, which take effect from the order shipment made by the client, include both the payment cycle and the delivery cycle.

For sales all over Italy F.lli Lorenzi demands a fixed contribution of 5,00 € as partial coverage for the shipping service (special packages, configuration of the delivery, activation of the delivery carrier. F.lli Lorenzi reserves its rights to demand a special refund (in addition to the 5€) of fixed contribution in case of packages or particular shippings with special sizes, destinations or other peculiarities depending on the delivery or on any client’s needs required at the moment of the order.

All the delivery costs of the products are paid by the Client. The deliveries can be carried out, in some cases, even beyond the 30-day time limit stated by art. 61, clause 1 of the Code of Consumption, through standard carrier or pony express.

The terms of delivery indicated by F.lli Lorenzi refer to the items kept in its warehouse and notwithstanding their accurate inspection and evaluation, they are not intended to be binding for the company, considering that they might be out of stock or sold out by the time F.lli Lorenzi goes to the warehouse to pick them up.

Being that the case, the company will immediately inform the Client about the new shipping times’ change which, notwithstanding art. 61 of the Code of Consumption, can in any case be extended beyond the 30-day time limit.

Possible delays in deliveries inferior to 60 (sixty) days, do not entitle the Client to refuse the delivery of the products, nor to demand refunds or reimbursements of any sort.

In case of delays superior to 60 (sixty) days, the Client will invite F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. to have the delivery done within the time’s terms stipulated. And in case this deadline is not respected, he will have the right to cancel the order and receive the return of the money already paid, except for the damage compensation.

The Shipping Confirmation (processed order and confirmation always sent by email) contains the documents and confirmation papers required by art. 49 of the Code of Consumption. In any case, the Client will be able to get this information by reading the Website and downloading or printing this document containing the information needed.

In case the Client belongs to the category “Consumer” (for “Consumers”, according to art. 3 of the Code of Consumption, are the physical people who do not deal with any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisan or professional activity), the Client will be able to take advantage of the legal guarantee in compliance with art. 128 and the following of the Code of Consumption, in case the item received does not comply with the purchase contract of the product, as in accordance with these General Conditions and by the Form, pursuant art. 129, clause 2, of the Code of Consumption.


Note regarding the consent to the use of personal data

It remains understood that all the mandatory regulations that guarantee the protection of consumers are valid. For Consumers we mean Clients acting outside their professional businesses according to the definition of consumer contained in art. 3 of the Code of Consumption. With reference to the use of the Client’s personal data, please visit the Privacy Policy section in our Website.

According to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003, n. 196 and of art. 14 EU Regulation 678/2016 and subsequent modifications and integrations, as a Party Involved, we inform you that the personal data which you supply and which we receive, where licit, within our business activity, are processed respecting the Privacy Code, the European Regulations and the privacy obligation which F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. strictly follows. For further details, please see “Privacy Policy” .

Data is collected through media transmission and subsequently processed with computer or manual media, exclusively with the aim of delivering services required by users, including filling in order forms, replies to users’ questions, or transmission of information requested by users, or other things.

Data will be available, within F.lli Lorenzi company, exclusively to the people who need to know it in order to be able to execute their tasks connected with the contract stipulated with You, as persons being in charge of the data processing and, if appointed, to the  Controller of Data Processing. The complete and updated list of possible Data Processors is available by simply contacting the Data Controller.

Data can be transmitted to bodies, public institutions, authorities, banks and lending institutions, professionals, freelance collaborators, commercial partners and third parties whose task is to help F.lli Lorenzi to implement contractual relationships, and to any legitimate addressee of communications established by laws or regulations.

These subjects will process data as owners, license holders and data supervisors, depending on different circumstances, exclusively for the abovementioned purposes. Data will not be spread in any way.  

F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l.  informs you that you can pursue your claims in conformity with art. 7 of the Privacy Code and art. 15 and the following of UE Regulations 679/2016, including for example the right of access requirement, the cancellation for law violation, the updating, the data amendment and the ban of data processing for legitimate reasons.

The Data Controller is F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. It can be contacted at the following address: Corso di Porta Romana 1, 20122 Milan, Italy. Tel. +39 - 02 864 51748. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

F.lli Lorenzi S.r.l. notices that, with regard to the processing necessary to the services required by the user, such as the registration to the Website, the possible enrollment at the newsletter service and the necessary data processing to reply to the user’s questions and the transmission of the information he requires, including the communication to the aforementioned subjects, within the limits and the modalities fixed by law and by this notice, according to art. 24 of the Privacy Code and art. 6/b, of EU Regulation 679/2016 Your consent is not necessary since this processing is necessary for the execution of services required by the user and for replying to requirements needed by the user.


Court of jurisdiction

These General Conditions are regulated by Italian Law, without prejudice to the enforceability of the binding provisions of the law to protect consumers (so defined

according to art. 3 of the Code of Consumption) with reference to the court of jurisdiction (art. 33 clause 2/u of the Code of Consumption), any litigations not related to consumers, but connected to these general conditions, will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.


Latest update: 19th December 2020.


F.lli Lorenzi srl

  • INDIRIZZO: Corso di Porta Romana, 1 - 20122 - Milano
  • TELEFONO: +39-02-86451748
  • E-MAIL: info@flli-lorenzi.com
  • P.IVA: 09234910967
  • CODICE REA: MI-20178278

F.lli Lorenzi srl è diretta erede del primo negozio Lorenzi aperto a Milano in C.so Magenta nel 1919 da Olimpio Lorenzi. Marcello e Stefano Lorenzi, titolari di F.lli Lorenzi srl, rappresentano la terza generazione nella attività di famiglia).

Nel 2019 F.lli Lorenzi srl ha celebrato nel 2019, 100 anni di attività a Milano.

Il negozio F.lli Lorenzi di Corso di Porta Romana,1 seleziona specifici prodotti da offrire ai propri clienti e progetta e realizza selezionati prodotti artigianali.

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