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The Shop

On 15th November 2015 a new Lorenzi’s shop opens in Milan.

The initiative is born of one part of the Lorenzi’s family who has been in business since 1919 in Milan with the shop of C.so Magenta established by Olimpio Lorenzi - Stefano and Marcello’s grandfather - who actually started the first Lorenzi’s shop in Milan. Then, after nearly 100 years, his nephews open a new store in 2015.

Marcello Lorenzi, after several years of activity with his brother Andrea in the shop of C.so Magenta, starts a new business representing a re-launch for the Lorenzi family in Milan: an initiative that hadn’t happened for 50 years. Marcello will be flanked by Stefano, who will bring into this challenging adventure the ideas and the knowhow derived from his 20-year long experience as a consultant.


The new enterprise moves forwards without forgetting the true valus of the family’s long tradition; a business projected towards the valorisation of craftsmanship, research and functional precious materials. Moreover, it stands as a bridge connecting past and future based on quality, trustworthiness, interpersonal rapport, state-of-art concepts of management and selling techniques. 

We shall deal with the clientele in different ways offering not only a range of carefully selected items, but also the maintenance, fixing and service of their most beloved objects.

In brief, F.lli Lorenzi is today solidly linked to the past (the first shop that was opened in 1919 by our grandfather Olimpio in C.so Magenta in Milan was call
ed “F.lli Lorenzi Arrotini”) thanks to the inventiveness of the two brothers Stefano e Marcello. And yet, this shop is also projected towards the future, as they are going to develop together more and more new ideas.

Like in similar cases, this shop will be a business separated from the other Lorenzi’s stores in Milan, though intimately linked to them as far as concerns tradition and the unique way customers are served.

F.lli Lorenzi srl

  • INDIRIZZO: Corso di Porta Romana, 1 - 20122 - Milano
  • TELEFONO: +39-02-86451748
  • E-MAIL: info@flli-lorenzi.com
  • P.IVA: 09234910967
  • CODICE REA: MI-20178278

F.lli Lorenzi srl è diretta erede del primo negozio Lorenzi aperto a Milano in C.so Magenta nel 1919 da Olimpio Lorenzi. Marcello e Stefano Lorenzi, titolari di F.lli Lorenzi srl, rappresentano la terza generazione nella attività di famiglia).

Nel 2019 F.lli Lorenzi srl ha celebrato nel 2019, 100 anni di attività a Milano.

Il negozio F.lli Lorenzi di Corso di Porta Romana,1 seleziona specifici prodotti da offrire ai propri clienti e progetta e realizza selezionati prodotti artigianali.

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