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THE AMAZING KERIS – On October 26th at 6.00 pm at the F.lli Lorenzi shop in Corso di Porta Romana, 1

Sandro Forgiarini will present a preview of his latest book and will talk about the history, technique, blade, handle and mystique of the Kris. It will also be possible to admire various collectible Kris.

Sandro Forgiarini is a medical examiner, custom knife maker and collector for over 30 yearsyears of kris and other Indonesian blades and art. collaborates with magazines in the armory sector with numerous publications on oriental blades and construction and conservation techniques.




Kris – brief basic elements (taken from “La forgiatura della lama del Kris” by Sandro Forgiarini)

In 2005, UNESCO declared the kris a world heritage site. Not just a symbol of Indonesia, a weapon that has always been part of the daily life of Indonesians and some neighboring countries, but an object that deserves universal recognition due to its tradition and symbolism.

The kris is not just an object or a weapon, it is much more. It is the identity card of the owner, it indicates his personality and his social status, it was used in peace and war, in the most important ceremonies of life, it was handed down from father to son as the most precious possession of the family.